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M300 Specifications

19.3" x 19.3" x 23.2"
Upc n
902280  820949
build volume
11.8" x 11.8" x 11.8"

Editorial Review

Coming off the heels of a massive success with the M200, launched largely in part due to a very early five thousand unit order by none other than Dell Technologies, Polish company Zortrax found themselves well-positioned for another big hit with the M300, their 2017 model. With the M200, then-nascent startup Zortrax provided one of the best early "plug and play" 3D printers on the market; with ease of use and setup already engineered into their product line, the Zortrax team needed only to make incremental improvements to ensure the M300 would be another popular and effective desktop FDM machine. The changes actually seen in the M300, while not necessarily radical, are substantial and important enough to prove this engineering-driven firm is very in touch with the changing needs and wants of its customers.

The most noteworthy change seen in the M300 is its increased size. As perhaps part of something of a trend of mid- to late-2010's 3D printers, the "bigger is better" approach seems like a natural fit for an upgrade for the growing 3D printing hobbyist, as their less expensive starter mini-printer proves too limited for their growing imagination and creative prowess. The printing area, a perfect cube nearly a foot in each dimension, serves to compensate for the small rise in minimum print resolution, from just 90 microns per layer for the M200 to the still-fine 130 microns for this printer. In a surprise to Zortrax and general 3D printing fans and hobbyists, Zortrax made the bold move of allowing their closed-system printer to print with 3rd party filaments—exactly the kind of consumer-centric move that has endeared Zortrax to the prosumer and hobbyist community since their first product.

Curious about 3D printers? Aside from our site, where you can see the hundreds of 3D printers our skilled writers have personally reviewed (okay, I'm partial, but we do a damn good job) there are myriad resources available to sate your desire for more information. An excellent resource to start with is 3D Hubs, the 3D printer community that publishes research about their tens of thousands of users all the time, absolutely free. After comparing our reviews to choose which printer is for you, head there to get plugged in to the community at large.

Zortrax M300 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Works great!

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The device looks a lot bigger and logger compared to its cylindrical competitors. The program looks good and works more pleasant.

Tom's Guide