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Inventure Specifications

13.8" x 13.8" x 15.7"
the inventure weighs 44.1 pounds


has hepa filter
Upc n
769173  996977
build volume
5.5" x 5.5" x 5.5"

Editorial Review

If creativity in fundraising efforts is any indicator of potential success in business, Polish company Zortrax is one to keep a close eye on.

Founded in 2011 by Rafal Tomasiak and Mrcin Olchanowski, the Zortrax team joined the ranks of such companies as Deltamaker and Cel with their launch of the highly-lauded M200. The M200 won Zortrax accolades galore, including "The World's Best Desktop 3D Printer" from 3D Hubs, boasting "13,500 (M200) printers in 150 countries" at the time of the award. To cap off the stellar year, the team closed a major deal with Dell Asia, selling a bulk order of 5,000 M200s.

After such a successful launch, many a less hungry business would've likely rested on their laurels and eased up on their pace. This proved to be not so of Zortrax: 2014 saw them become Poland's first publicly traded 3D Printing company, as they issued 10,000 unsecured bonds worth a total of roughly $3.5 million. The bonds mature in 3 years at a 9% rate -- making this innovative financing move the equivalent of a crowdsourced loan.

Savvy business is important in frothy industries on their way down to reality, when diminishing investment and worsening expectations are the norm. Zortrax seems like a company that may have the acumen needed to survive as a market latecomer. The Inventure is a sleek, mid- to high-price range printer, equipped with an allegedly easily-swappable cartridge system for filament extrusion and a "Starter Kit" with an assortment of tools. Given the warm reception to the M200, one would think the Inventure was on a fast-track to another set of industry accolades.

Zortrax Inventure | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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If you’re worried about stinky odors from the ABS material, the closed-case system boasts a HEPA filter to ensure safe operation.

Tom's Guide

Zortrax has developed a new printing material for the cartridge system, Z-ULTRAT Plus, a thermoplastic for objects that require high precision and durability.

Tom's Guide

Zortrax Inventure is equipped with a quick and easy-to-use support removal system based on ultrasonic station and support material that dissolves in a water-based fluid.

Tom's Guide

With Zortrax Inventure and Z-ULTRAT Plus you can print professional prototypes of exceptional durability.

Tom's Guide

Zortrax Inventure is a smart affordable 3D printer that brings the highest reliability and the best professional quality 3D printing to a broader audience.

Tom's Guide