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Skyview Specifications

7.9" x 7.4" x 4.8"
released date


the skyview weighs 1 pounds


Editorial Review

Flying. It's an age-old dream and sometimes it's literally what we dream about. You lift your arms into the air, your feet leave the ground, and you soar off into the sky like Superman, watching the houses and cars dwindle beneath you. Sure, the Wright Brothers invented a way to do it and most of us, if we aren't scared to death that we're about to fall plummeting to our doom, have looked out the window of a plane as it lifts off from the landing strip to see the way the earth drops under our bodies. But to fly ourselves, without a plane, without even a paraglider to buoy us on the wind -- that's still a dream.

Or it was up until now. The Yuneec Skyview can't make you soar into the heavens like a superhero, but it can do the next best thing. If you own a drone, it lets you see the view from the drone's camera in real-time, seeing what the drone sees as it dips and swerves through the sky. Like a pair of virtual reality goggles it actually lets you see a 75.5 first-person field of view from the drone's perspective, which is about as close to flying as most of us are going to get until someone invents a convenient, shoulder-mounted jetpack. The headset is designed to work with Yuneec's Typhoon H drone, but should work with any drone as long as the controlling device has HDMI output.

The goggles are large and look a bit unwieldy. Some users complain that the plastic nosepiece is painful to wear for any period of time and you may need to add soft padding to it before or after you don the unit. Others dislike the small screens, which don't completely fill the user's visual field, and the wide angle of the display acts a little like a parabolic mirror, making objects look farther away than they actually are. For another FPV drone headset, look at the Fat Shark Dominator.

Yuneec Skyview | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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The screen quality is good, but the experience is more like having a seat in the last row of a theater with a small screen.

Tom's Guide

The screen is clear and it integrates well with the Typhoon H controller. It also enables you to view other video via an HDMI input.

Tom's Guide

So far that has worked well and the video is quite good. Overall it is a good start, but needs some refinements.

Tom's Guide