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the ex300 weighs 6.1 pounds


remote control included
battery life


has scheduling
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Editorial Review

The Korean robotics company Yujin is nothing if not ambitious. Founded in 2009, their stated ambition is to open "a Heartwarming Ubiquitous World with Robots." While that phrase probably lost something in its translation from the Korean, the company seems sincere in creating a world of service robots, an aim in which they aren't exactly alone. The Yujin Robot eX300 is so cute as it glides across the floor that you want to leave a bowl of Friskies out for it, but it isn't exactly the first cleaning robot to spin its way across the floors of homeowners. That would be the Trilobyte from the Swedish company Electrolux, released in 1996. The Trilobyte was overpriced and it undersold, but it was rapidly eclipsed the Roomba line of robot vacuum cleaners from iRobot Inc. So Yujin's charming little eX300 isn't exactly anything new.

What does it do? Pretty much what every other Frisbee-shaped automated vacuum cleaner does: Scoot across the floor slurping up particulate matter, sweeping and (according to Yujin's literature) doing some mopping, then it returns to its charging station. The batteries will last for an impressive two hours, though depending on how dirty your floor is it's possible that the robot's dustbin will fill up first. It's slender and can slide under furniture. It maps out its surroundings using a built-in camera and algorithmically plots a pathway that will leave no piece of floor unsucked. When the battery's low, it returns to its charging station like a cat to its food bowl.

Its more unique features including a climbing function to get it over minor transitions in floor height, like the carpet, and it's designed to be quieter than your average cleaning bot. Still, the market is filled with such vacuum cleaners, so while looking at the Yujin also take a gander at such iRobot models as the Roomba 770 or Neato's Botvac D80.

Yujin Robot eX300 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It is smart enough that when it goes under a dining room chair it can work itself back and forth and around to get out from under the chair.

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I love it! It picks up almost all the hair that my dog sheds and its easy to operate.

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