Young Living Rainstone

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Rainstone Specifications

5" x 5" x 6.7"
remote control included
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Editorial Review

The Young Living Rainstone looks like an Amazon Echo that needs to go on a diet. That's not a bad thing. In fact, the Rainstone is quite stylish looking. Then again, that's about like saying that the sun rises in the east. Almost every essential oil diffuser on the market is stylish looking. Half the fun of high-tech aromatherapy is that buying the device gives you a lovely new tchotchke to place on a shelf in your living room or bedroom. Essential oil diffusers are as much a part of your furniture as they're a method of disseminating mood-elevating odors into your living environment.

To add to the high-tech wondrousness of this device, it includes a negative ionizer. While ionizers are common in air purifiers, they're relatively rare in oil diffusers. Ionizers produce charged particles, or anions, in the air that can reduce the presence of air-borne bacterial infections. Whether the ionizer on a small device like the Rainstone is powerful enough to have a significant effect on disease in the typical home is an open question because there are no official standards for these devices, but it's the thought that counts. The upper half of the Rainstone can be set to emit an LED glow in multiple colors; you can either have it cycle through the colors or set it to a favorite.

There's a ventilation hole at the top of the unit that doubles as a chute for adding water and essential oils. The switch inside toggles it between the two functions and is pretty important. Absent-minded users beware: You don't want to dump water on the ultrasound mechanism or leave the ventilator closed while the device is running, so remember the switch. A cap with a smaller hole in it fits over the top once the unit is filled. A separate remote turns the unit on and activates the optional mist, ionizing and LED functions.

For some alternative choices, most of which have similar features and would make gorgeous, aromatic tchotchkes, look at the Viva Naturals Tranquil, the Serene House Scentilizer Donut, the InnoGear 500mL Cool Mist and the Homedics Ellia Rise.

Young Living Rainstone | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 3

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Love it but I wish it would run longer. It only 3 hours.

Tom's Guide

It operates for 8 hrs, the mist is fine but it doesn't spread the scent well no matter how many drops of I add. Unless I'm literally sitting with my face right in front of it.

Tom's Guide