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RDS300 Specifications

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the rds300 weighs 18 pounds


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Editorial Review

A sea scooter, especially one from a company like Yamaha, sounds like it should be a kind of waterborne motorcycle, scooting over the ocean like a Harley on waves. But no; that's a jet ski. Scuba drivers know that sea scooters are more like underwater jet packs that pull you through the depths while you enjoy the sights, weaving in and out through coral reefs, watching tropical fish stare back at you like you're a specimen in their personal aquatic zoo. (Actually, most tropical fish couldn't care less about you, as long as you don't look like a shark.) The Yamaha RDS300 moves at three miles per hour at depths down to 100 feet and is designed for use in salt water, so it's probably better that you not use it in your swimming pool. It looks a bit like a bumblebee, with its large propeller in the bulbous end where the bee's head would be.

The RDS300 is part of Yamaha's Recreational Dive Series, as opposed to their Professional Dive Series. The chief difference between this model and one of the Professionals, aside from the Professionals not looking quite so much like bumblebees, is that it can't go quite as deep (100 feet versus 130 feet on the Yamaha 500LI) or go quite as fast (3 miles per hour versus 4.5 mph on the 500LI). The Professionals run on long-lasting lithium-ion batteries while this model runs on a shorter-running lead-acid battery.

This model is also a great deal less expensive than the 500LI, especially if purchased new. The US model has two different speeds, as opposed to only a single speed on the European model, so you can slow down while winding your way through a particularly tricky reef. If you should lose your grip while navigating that reef, the auto shut-off will kick in and the Yamaha will wait for you like an obedient underwater guide dog.

For some sea scooters that don't look like bumblebees, check out the Hollis H-160, the Bonex Subgravity Aquaprop and the Suex XK1. For another one that does, look at the Sea Doo VS Supercharged Plus.

Yamaha RDS300 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Lightweight and powerful. Designed to cruise at speeds up to 3.0mph...will allow you to maximize your underwater dive experience.

Tom's Guide

Featuring a depth rating of 100ft (30m) and 2 level rotational speed control the RDS300 is perfect for the recreational diving enthusiast.

Tom's Guide