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RDS200 Specifications

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the rds200 weighs 13 pounds


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Editorial Review

Oh, to be a fish, swimming langorously through tropical waters, enjoying the beauty of coral reefs (now becoming bleached of internal life by climate change, but we'll ignore that for the sake of a good story). Actually, fish probably don't enjoy the beauty of the reefs the way humans do, which is why we have sea scooters to let us bring human aesthetic appreciation to the fishy realm. The bumblebee-shaped Yamaha RDS200 will putter along at a leisurely three miles per hour through salt water (put it in fresh water and you'll gradually sink from lack of bouyancy), so that you can enjoy the view from below without having to do much in the way of swimming.

The RD200 will plunge to depths of 65 feet below the surface, though you can use it for snorkeling as well as scuba diving. Imagine driving it through the reefs off the Hawaiian islands, where the brightly colored schools of fish will come so close to humans that you can practically reach out and pet them. Or just steer it through your local ocean harbor, where the aquatic inhabitants may not be as exotic but will still wonder what you're doing in a domain they thought was exclusively theirs. (You probably won't be their first visitor, but fish have short memories.) The unit uses a lead-acid battery that gives it about an hour of running time, so you may not want to take it any further from shore than you're willing to swim back while hauling its 13 pounds through the water.

There's a camera mount on the scooter, so you can keep a video memento of your submerged voyage or do location shooting for that Sharknado sequel you plan to pitch to the SyFy channel. Online reviews for the RD200 are scarce at this writing, but the few that are out there seem to like it. Yamaha has established itself in a variety of fields, from motorcycles to electronic organs, and their name usually means quality. If you want to see what other manufacturers have to offer in the way of waterborne propulsion, look at the Apollo AV2 Evolution, the Sea Doo Explorer X and the Tusa SAV-7.

Yamaha RDS200 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Lightweight and powerful. Designed to cruise at speeds up to 3.0mph (4.8km/h) the RDS300 will allow you to maximize your underwater dive experience.

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Featuring a depth rating of 100ft (30m) and 2 level rotational speed control the RDS300 is perfect for the recreational diving enthusiast.

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