Yale Real Living YRL220

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Real Living YRL220 Specifications

6.2" x 2.8" x 1.5"
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the real living yrl220 weighs 5.2 pounds


Editorial Review

If you're a techhead with a craving for all things automated, it may have occurred to you that your home just isn't digital enough. Sure, you've already set up your Amazon Echo so that you can ask Alexa to turn your hallway temperature to 70 degrees with your Nest thermostat from halfway across the room, your Jura Impressa F8 espresso maker will make a perfect latte at the touch of a single button and your iRobot Roomba 880 will clean your house when you aren't even home, but something's still missing. That's right. You don't have a digital lock on your front door.

The Yale Real Living YRL220 Lever Lock with Z-Wave is here to make your 21st century life complete. It has an illuminated touchscreen with virtual buttons that won't lose their numbers from too much contact with sweaty fingers. You can give every member of your family a separate entry code so that they can choose a memorable one and won't get locked out because they can't remember what ridiculous combination of digits their mother used when she programmed it. You can unlock the door from across the room when visitors show up. It uses an ANSI/BHMA grade 2 certified deadbolt so that devious burglars won't be able to thwart it unless they're so devious they know how to hack your Z-wave home automation system. And it has an all-code lockout mode in case your home is being attacked by intelligent zombies.

Yale claims that the Real Living lock can be installed in minutes with just a screwdriver. It has a satin nickel sheen to keep your front door looking as pretty as that expensive paint job you had done on it when you moved in. And it has the Yale label on it so your neighbors won't think you bought a cheap knock-off (though, all considered, the Real Living Lock is a lot less expensive than that Jura espresso maker). If you want an even easier to use alternative that uses a key fob like the lock on your car door, you might prefer the Kwikset Kevo .

Yale Real Living YRL220 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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It's nice looking however battery died so so fast.

Tom's Guide

Its really nice to have locks I can control remotely and program with scenes if I wanted to.

Tom's Guide