Xyzprinting Da Vinci Jr. 2.0 Mix

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Da Vinci Jr. 2.0 Mix Specifications

released date


the da vinci jr. 2.0 mix weighs 37.5 pounds


has wifi
has usb
Upc n
840710  105660
build volume
5.9" x 5.9" x 5.9"

Editorial Review

Since their 2013 debut, XYZprinting has been a driving force in the 3D printing scene, winning over many a printer with their da Vinci line of printers of varying size and quality. Their da Vinci Jr. line, ideal for introductory to 3D printing, released their second iteration in early 2017, a near plug-and-play printer providing dual extrusion for just $499 at launch.

A subsidiary of the deep-pocketed New Kinpo Group, XYZprinting is something of a rarity in the tech world: a market leader (the largest consumer 3D printing company by some estimates) who forged their path to the top by selling to the low-middle end of the market and moving up. They've distinguished themselves as an affordable brand providing real, incremental improvements in their products, rather than an expensive one attempting to fund and push a revolutionary vision that they never quite live up to. Indeed, the da Vinci Jr. 2.0 Mix brings the capacity to mix filaments to quite an affordable price range; add in auto-calibration and the reliability that comes with selling a lot of product as XYZprinting does, and you get an exciting 3D printer.

The year 2017 figures to be a good one for XYZprinting — the Jr. Mix 2.0 is far from their only announced product. Their non-mixing Jr. 2.0 will debut at less than $300, and their upcoming 3-in-1 will feature 3D printing, 3D scanning, and laser engraving at less than $600. With such incredible (relative to the rest of 3D printing anyway) bargains, its no wonder more da Vinci printers sold in 2016 than any other brand.

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We found their software, xyzware to be easy to use, and reliable. The output quality is very nice... The set up was easy to do. Overall we recommend the printer...

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