Xyzprinting Da Vinci 3D Pen

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Da Vinci 3D Pen Specifications

1.1" x 1" x 7"
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the da vinci 3d pen weighs 0.2 pounds


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3D printing technology is advancing quickly. The ability to swiftly fabricate things has useful applications in many fields, including prototyping, medicine, engineering, and architecture. They're even working on 3D printed food for astronauts, to offer another big inducement to join the space program. How delicious. So many 3D printers exist that it was only a matter of time before companies decided to take the same concept and market it to the at-home user in the form of desktop 3D printers. But for those who lack an understanding of 3D printing tech and related software -- not to mention the money -- 3D pens are a low-cost alternative, one that ideally provides hours of fun while stimulating the creative juices.

One factor in choosing a 3D pen has to be the grip. Holding on to something for a prolonged period is bound to result in wrist, hand, and finger fatigue. Many 3D pens are extremely bulky at the base when it would better if they were held with the same ease as a regular pen. The Lighthouse V5 is not the lightest pen, but it has flat planes similar to a pencil, and it tapers down to a very narrow tip. The Sketchpro 3D Pen is lighter than the V5 and has soft, round contours. The iEGrow 3D Printing Drawing Pen is fairly slender though it bulges slightly near the tip.

The XYZprinting Da Vinci 3D Pen is from a company that was founded in 2013 and specializes in 3D printers. It weighs the same as the iEGrow and more than the V5 and Sketchpro, but it's thicker through the middle, kind of like a fat magic marker. The Da Vinci pen is a stand-alone device with a tangle-free cord that plugs into an outlet, and which starts with a button-push. It uses 1.75 mm PLA filaments, which are offered in 11 colors, and includes 6 packs of 12 meters. These filaments are biodegradable, non-toxic, organic, and DEHP- and heavy metal-free. It might not be the lightest or skinniest pen, but it's not the thickest or heaviest either, and its PLA fabrication makes it more user friendly.

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Lightweight...relies on a power cord, rather than on batteries...needs just minutes to heat the filament, and can 3D print eleven differently colored PLA filaments.

Tom's Guide

It can also be used to decorate preexisting items. It comes with a tangle-proof cord, and using it is as easy as the push of a button.

Tom's Guide