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Newport Beach Cruiser Specifications

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the newport beach cruiser weighs 50 pounds


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Editorial Review

If you've ever been to a popular California beach, you know what you're likely to see. People sunning on blankets, surfers pulling their boards out of the water, runners jogging along the...well, you don't see many joggers and if you've ever jogged on sand you know why. Sand fights back. Your feet push the sand backwards, so you're constantly fighting to move forward. It's terrific exercise, but your muscles will complain for weeks afterwards.

Bicycles fare even worse because they rely on friction between the tread and the surface to gain forward momentum. Sand will give you almost no momentum at all. The solution, clearly, is an electric bike, which relies on battery power instead of momentum to constantly fight the slippery sand beneath the tread. And thus we have the X-treme Newport Beach Cruiser. Its 24-volt, 9.5 amp lithium-ion battery will power you along the Santa Monica shore at speeds up to 20 mph and, if you want to help the motor while getting some exercise in the bargain, you can pedal along, adding mileage to the bike's range. That range is up to 24 miles, amplified to as much as 30 with the pedal assist, which should get you around much of the Los Angeles basin. (Don't worry; it works on the East Coast too.)

If you run out of power, you can operate with the pedals alone, though you'll probably want to abandon the sand for the refreshing friction of old-fashioned concrete or boardwalk wood, which can usually be found not far from public beaches. The seat is adjustable for comfort. The bike weighs 50 pounds, so you probably don't want to carry it, but it will fit comfortably in the rear of a hatchback if you have one handy and don't feel like pedaling or walking the bike back home when the battery dies.

The X-treme isn't the most powerful electric bike on the market but it also isn't the most expensive. Amazon users give it a solid four stars, but if you want to shop around the electric bike market, look at the E-Go Bike Seagull 26-inch and the Izip eBikes E3 Dash.

X-treme Newport Beach Cruiser | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This has been a great purchase. The charging is easy, the bike is solid, the engine seems reliable and I hope to be riding this for a long time.

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Clearly the best purchase I have made in a long time. This bike rides well is comfortable and drives like a dream.

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Love this bike. Has a big comfortable seat and I don't have to lean over so it is easy on my back. The basket is nice so I can carry stuff from the store.

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For me this is a real game changer. I ride everywhere now, and it costs pennies to operate.

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