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Robome Specifications

9.5" x 5.3" x 11.5"
the robome weighs 4 pounds


phone controllable
remote control included
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Editorial Review

Remote presence devices, or RPDs, share a commonality with other robotic creations such as robo-vacs and automated pet feeders in that they allow the user to be in 2 places at once. Where the latter bots attend to assigned duties independent of direct interface, RPDs operate as surrogates for the user, thus demanding their direct attentions. Telepresence robots like the Revolve Robotics Kubi have proven useful for videoconferencing and medical applications. The Wicron Robotics Webot can be utilized for employee surveillance as well as for marketing.

But RPDs aren't just for adults and their work environments -- they can also be educational tools for kids in the face of their highly mechanized futures. WowWee is a toy company that specializes in such consumer-grade robotic toys, one of which is the RoboMe. The RoboMe is a fully customizable robotic avatar that was launched in 2013. It runs off an iPhone or iPod Touch while the appropriate apps are required for creating its face.

The RoboMe is ideal for the children of programmers. It has a head and shoulders that can move up and down as well as articulated arms and little hands, making it appear more humanoid than the aforementioned RPDs. White with black trim on generous wheels, it looks almost like a friendly storm trooper. Remote video control is possible via the Robo Eye Merge or REM. The RoboMe is about the size of a doll at 11.5 inches by 9.5 wide, and weighs approximately 4 pounds. This robot's "personality" is customizable as well. All that's needed are 4 C batteries. A major concern for users is that the RoboMe's technical requirements are extremely limited to certain devices on very specific platforms. Some also question how this could be a kid's toy if it requires a Facebook account or e-mail password to set it up. Given the very low price of this bot buddy, these issues are hardly surprising or unexpected.

Wowwee Robome | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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