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Landroid Specifications

Dim 1
the landroid  weighs 19 pounds


phone controllable
has wifi
a video

Editorial Review

The Worx Landroid is a lightweight robomower with a decidedly mixed reputation. Most users appreciate its straightforward setup — usually accomplished in a single afternoon — and Wi-Fi control via mobile app. But in spite of its smooth performance on debris-free lawns, the biggest complaint from owners is the Landroid's inability to deal with even small obstacles. Confrontations with small twigs or pebbles may cause the Landroid to abandon its duties, rather than press forward or maneuver around the obstructions.

Debuted by China’s Positec Tool Corporation in 2014, the Landroid was the first robotic mower to be released under the Worx brand, which was launched in 2004. The Landroid’s origins are somewhat unusual among robotic mowers, most of which are manufactured under venerable European brands like  Husqvarna, which opened as a rifle factory back in 1689, and Bosch, which started building magnetos for gas motors in 1886. In contrast, the Worx line is the product of a 20th-century Chinese corporation, introduced to the American market via infomercials before hitting home improvement stores in 2012. Now one of the best-selling robotic mowers in the United States, the Landroid compares favorably to the Gardena R50-LI — and at a much lower price — but enjoys less popularity in Europe’s saturated robomower market.

User feedback has a strong correlation with the unit's performance out of the box. If it obeys its perimeter wire and timer on the first mow, it should be a dependable machine for that owner. If it spins in a circle or runs over the wire, it could be a glitchy unit. Owners whose Landroid units experience technical glitches may find little recourse, when Worx customer support proves unable to help restore their mowers to full function.

Worx Landroid | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Overall I am very pleased with the Landroid. The set up took longer than I anticipated and you do need to keep your yard clean of debris.

Tom's Guide

If your garden is small, split into sections, littered with planting beds, trees or awkward corners, then Landroid might struggle.

Tom's Guide

So far we are much happier with this mower than our lawn crew, or doing it ourselves with allergies and the heat. Plus our lawn looks better than it ever has.

Tom's Guide

The Landroid does a solid job of keeping your lawns in shape. With no interference whatsoever, it ensured that the test section of my lawn was kept in shape.

Tom's Guide