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Windsor Single Specifications

6.5" x 8" x 5.3"
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Editorial Review

The name Windsor calls to mind the current residents of Buckingham Palace. You know: Elizabeth Windsor, Charles Windsor, Andrew Windsor, otherwise known as the Royal Family. It's also the name of an automated watch winder from the prolific manufacturer Wolf and it's probably no coincidence that the name has such a regal heritage. The company clearly wants you to think of the Wolf Windsor as the kind of watch winder that Prince Charles would use when his royal wrist is otherwise occupied. In appearance, it's a small case resembling a safe covered in black or purple synthetic leather, designed to hold a single watch around its locking cuff and keep it wound -- clockwise, counterclockwise or both -- at 900 turns per day. If you have a watch that you don't always wear (or that's so expensive you only wear it for special occasions, like audiences for the Queen), it will coddle it in regal comfort while winding it with silent nylon gears.

Of course, you may also be the owner of a small watch store and want a winder that you can display prominently on your front counter, so the Windsor is designed to show off the watch through the glass pane in front. It can run on AC power or D-cell batteries, so you don't have to worry about your watch forgetting the time or date should the power flicker off. It's designed for large, heavy watches, so presumably users of smaller, more feminine watches won't find it useful. It's only 5-1/4 inches tall, so it will fit neatly on a shelf in your den (or in your living room, if it's the kind of watch that you want visitors to ogle and admire). It weighs 4-1/2 pounds, so you won't have much trouble carrying it around, unless you're keeping an exceptionally heavy watch inside it.

Because it only holds one timepiece, watch collectors may not find it adequate for their needs, so you might also want to check out Wolf's Roadster Quad, which holds four watches, or their Roadster Six-Piece, which holds six. Also look at the Heiden Prestige Quad, which holds four.

Wolf Windsor Single | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Elegant and quiet. Great finish product but it does not come with TPD data for watches with limited TDP set up ability.

Tom's Guide

I ordered the Wolf Designs winder and have been using it since January. It has performed flawlessly. The motor is completely quiet. A must have for automatic watches!

Tom's Guide