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Savoy Single Specifications

8" x 8" x 10.3"
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098152  721690

Editorial Review

Wolf, a European company that has been making premium leather goods since 1834, is very interested in your wristwatch. More precisely, they're interested in keeping it wound -- and the more wristwatches you have, the more interested they are in keeping them wound. The Wolf Meridian Triple will wind three watches at the same time, while the Wolf Roadster Six-Piece will wind six watches at the same time. With the Wolf Savoy Single, however, they've downscaled their ambitions. It will only wind one watch at a time. And for a lot of people, that's all they need.

The Savoy Single looks like a small, black, wooden safe with a window in it. Put your watch on the internal cuff and it will show through that window, so this is a good way to keep your watch on prominent display while it's not on your wrist. (Watch store owners may also use it to provide an attractive display for a single watch.) The Single can be set to wind your watch clockwise, counterclockwise and bidirectionally, at anywhere from 300 to 1,200 turns per day (settable in increments of 50 turns). If you set it for bidirectional winding, it will double the number of turns per day. The box has a black silk lining inside, which will both make your watch look better and protect it from accidental scratching. Like all Wolf watch winders, the single has a lock that secures your watch to the rotator cuff, so you don't have to worry about it falling off. Unlike the larger Wolf units, the Single will run on both AC power and D-cell lithium batteries, to guard against power failures.

Wolf isn't the only company with an interest in your wrist (or an interest in helping watch store owners display their products stylishly while keeping them wound). If you're looking for a watch winder, also check out the Modalo Safe Systems MV3, the Heiden Burlwood Single and the Orbita Sparta.

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It is beautifully made, more than I expected, not thing out to say, it is just perfect for my wife Rolex.

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Perfect! Working without noise!

Tom's Guide