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Roadster Six-Piece Specifications

the roadster six-piece weighs 27 pounds


Editorial Review

Suppose you own six watches. Or you run a watch store and need to keep all of them running with the correct time and date? How do you keep them wound and ticking without giving yourself carpal tunnel syndrome? No, this isn't a math problem, like ones that start out "Suppose a train leaves Station A at 6 p.m. traveling at 70 miles per hours...". It's a mechanical problem. You need a device that will hold all six watches and wind them automatically while you can't do it yourself. And the European manufacturer Wolf has a device that will do this for you, both reliably and with style.

The Wolf Roadster Six-Piece will hold up to six watches, display them attractively (which is especially important if you own a watch store) and keep them wound without any danger that they'll slip loose and get damaged or become overwound and bust their mainsprings. It can be set to wind your watches from 300 to 1,200 turns per day and it can wind them in any direction you want (with the available directions being clockwise, counterclockwise, or an alternating combination of both). It can be set to delay the start of winding from six to 72 hours and it locks your watches securely into their rotator drums so that they won't fall out from all that winding activity. LCD screens light up for 20 seconds when you set the winders and you can use them to make sure you've programmed in the correct setting. And the Roadster can do all this for six watches simultaneously.

The Ebony Macassar wood veneer faceplate shows off your watches to their best advantage and a glass cover protects them from the elements, or from the prying fingers of customers. If six watches is more than you want wound at the same time, there are watch winders for several different numbers of watches, like the Heiden Prestige Quad, which can wind four watches simultaneously, or the Modalo Safe Systems MV3, which winds two. Or if you just need to wind a single watch, look at the Wolf Viceroy Single or the Heiden Burlwood Single.

Wolf Roadster Six-Piece | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The only detail I would like to see added is a memory for the settings. If the power goes out you have to reset the winder.

Tom's Guide

The Wolf runs so quietly I can't hear it even while standing right in front of it. This is a huge plus since it sits on a chest of drawers in my bedroom.

Tom's Guide

So far I am impressed. It is siting right next to my bed and no noise at all. Looks very nice and looks very classy. The settings are easy to customize

Tom's Guide