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Roadster Quad Specifications

10.8" x 6" x 13"
Upc n
098152  721751

Editorial Review

In the 2015 opening credits for the BBC TV series Doctor Who, spinning gears rotate through the cosmos and the viewer goes flying down a clockwork spiral of roman numerals that represent the dizzying flight pattern of the Doctor's TARDIS, as it travels on its whimsical journey through time and space. Looking at four watches ticking relentlessly away on the Wolf Roadster Quad, it's hard not to wonder if there isn't a tiny TARDIS in there someplace, traveling through the four timepieces and keeping them endlessly running without the need for human fingers to turn their stems. The good Doctor would probably be impressed with its box-like shape, not unlike that of a classic London police call box. And with all those gears turning at once, it's hard not to suspect that the Roadster might be larger on the inside than it is on the outside.

Wolf doesn't mention whether the Roadster is capable of traveling through time and space, but it will keep your watches traveling forward through time while they're locked into its four cuffs, being wound clockwise, counterclockwise, or both in succession by its AC-battery-powered motor, at rates between 300 and 1200 turns per day. An LCD display takes the place of the TARDIS control panel, showing you the settings and how many turns your four watches have been given each day in their eternal voyage through time. If you collect watches, sell watches or just want to pretend you're a voyaging Timelord, the Roadster may be just the thing to display your finely tuned clockwork handsomely and keep it on time. Unlike a TARDIS, the Roadster can't take your watch into the future. In fact, it's very job is to keep it constantly in the present, moving forward one day at a time the way that normal human beings travel. So maybe there isn't a TARDIS in there after all.

For an alternate TARDIS -- er, watch winder -- collectors and watch sellers will also want to look at the Heiden Prestige Quad, the Modalo Safe Systems MV3 and the Chiyoda Wood Single CYD-SWI01B.

Wolf Roadster Quad | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Good winder with adjustable cycle time and very quiet. I only have this item for a week and everything is what I have expected.

Tom's Guide

Such an amazing unit! The wood finish on it is perfect. I'm in love with the quality and functions. Amazing watch winder!

Tom's Guide