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Meridian Triple Specifications

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If you're the kind of person who likes to wear different watches for different occasions (and has the disposable income to buy several of them), you've probably run into a problem with keeping them wound and displaying the correct time/date when you need them to. Well, worry no more. Wolf, a European company that's been making luxury leather goods since 1834 and is now in its fifth generation, has what may be the automated watch winder you need, especially if you happen to own exactly three watches (or four watches with one on your wrist at all times).

The Wolf Meridian Triple is a wood box with silk lining that can hold three watches simultaneously and keep all of them wound without overwinding or underwinding them. It has some innovative features, like the ability to delay the time when the winding starts (from six up to 72 hours), nylon gears so that the winding doesn't make any annoying grinding sounds, multiple rotation programs to fit the needs of each individual watch, and lock-in cuffs that can hold large, heavy watches without putting a strain on the mechanism. The lock on the cuff insures that the watch doesn't accidentally fall off while being wound. The unit can be set to perform between 300 and 1200 rotations per day either clockwise, counterclockwise or both alternately. The unit runs on AC power, with no option for battery operation, so it may be vulnerable to power failures.

Wolf's Meridian collection includes units for storing other small collectibles and they're designed to be stackable, so that you can join them together into a single unit for storing multiple different collections in one place. The units are supposedly durable, as per Wolf's slogan "Handmade for a lifetime," but make sure you get a money-back guarantee in case they're exaggerating.

If three watches is more than you want your automated watch winder to hold, look at Wolf's Viceroy Single or the Heiden Burlwood Single, each of which holds only a single watch. Or if you need even more watch-winding space, consider the Heiden Prestige Quad, which holds up to four.

Wolf Meridian Triple | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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This winder is very functional and beautiful too. Able to wind several big heavy watches that I have without a problem. Totally automatic. Great winder!

Tom's Guide

The winder makes a terrible grinding/grumbling sound that makes it so loud I have had to turn it off. I am really disappointed in the quality of this item given the cost.

Tom's Guide