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Heritage Single Specifications

8.8" x 5.5" x 6.8"
released date


the heritage single weighs 4.2 pounds


Editorial Review

Are you a watch collector or enthusiast? If so, skip this next paragraph — all you need to know for now is that the Wolf Heritage Single is a relatively affordable and sightly way to keep your watch wound. If you're someone who is confused as to why you'd need to wind a watch in the first place, read on for a brief breakdown.

Watches are a luxury item that has always been identifiable with a spirit of precise craftsmanship, of the value created by highly skilled individuals working assiduously to create an object of both elegance and function. Typically, a watch operates via one of two mechanisms: the modern quartz watch, powered by small batteries, and the classical mechanical watch, which is driven by a mainspring acting on gears to push an oscillating wheel which moves at a constant rate of a second per oscillation. As the entire mechanism is powered by the slow unwinding of this mainspring, it becomes necessary to either keep it wound consistently or take it to a watchmaker when it starts working — hence the practical reason for pairing a mechanical watch gift or purchase with a winder like this one.

Watches are an aesthetic choice as much as (likely more than) a functional one, and so it only makes sense that a watch winder correspond accordingly. The Wolf Heritage Single is sleek and understated, portraying class beyond its price with smooth black faux-leather lining. The perfectly vertical orientation of the watch within the winder (many hold the watches at a slight angle) adds a touch of efficiency to the winding mechanism as well — exactly the kind of simply brilliant design choice that a watch aficionado may find charming.

Wolf Heritage Single | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

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The real leather outside finish, and stainless steel motor controls, are rich and beautiful; and the motor is totally silent and has no obnoxious lights.

Tom's Guide

My only negative is that it's big and takes up a lot of space for just one watch.

Tom's Guide

It's a great product. Worth the money.

Tom's Guide

This watch winder very attractive. I'm impressed with the quality and styling.

Tom's Guide