Wolf-garten Robo Scooter 400

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Robo Scooter 400 Specifications

Dim 1
the robo scooter 400 weighs 23.1 pounds


remote control included
battery life



Editorial Review

At first glance, you might see the red and yellow WOLF-Garten Robo Scooter 400 zipping across your neighbor's yard and assume that McDonald's had gotten really elaborate with their Happy Meals. But then you notice that it's cutting the grass...for a minute, at least.

A robotic mower by design, the Robo Scooter 400 has so far only demonstrated its power to make Germans feel sad. While some customers have reported up to a year of faithful service, others have seen it arrive DOA, and virtually all have eventually attempted to contact WOLF-Garten’s nonexistent customer service.

WOLF-Garten manufactures a comprehensive set of garden tools, manual and motorized alike. Its rakes, cultivators, and forks have all received glowing reviews for their craftsmanship and durability.

But now that WOLF-Garten has dipped its toe into the sentient spinning blade market, a crack has appeared in the brand that touts itself as “Competence made in Europe.”

Most of the initial technical complaints stem from the Robo Scooter’s inability to obey its boundaries as determined by the perimeter boundary wire that the customer lays down around the region that needs mowing.

This wire appears to be the culprit as much as the device itself, sending the Robo Scooter spastically all over the yard or often nowhere at all.

Once the mower fully enters Teenager Mode and refuses to come out of its room for even a single blade of grass, the customer will call WOLF-Garten’s service line and no one will answer.

Wolf-garten Robo Scooter 400 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 3

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The product does not work as desired. The manual is flawed and does not help in troubleshooting. The support of GartenXXL as well as the manufacturer is deficient.

Tom's Guide

We lovingly call him our "sheep"...We have never had such a great lawn before we have the sheep in use. The laying of the cable has very good function.

Tom's Guide

the interface worked well and without complaint, then the robo no longer finds its charging station and wanders aimlessly throughout the garden. Called Wolf... No success.

Tom's Guide