Wolf-garten Robo Scooter 1800

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Robo Scooter 1800 Specifications

28.9" x 26" x 12.4"
released date


the robo scooter 1800 weighs 41.9 pounds


phone controllable
remote control included
battery life


self charging
has scheduling
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Editorial Review

Back in the day, lawnmowers run by humans had baskets or hoppers to catch the severed blades of grass once they had been severed by the blades of steel. Things like rakes – ancient leaf blowers – were actually wielded by biological organisms called gardeners to gather the truncated remains of grass, which was thrown into the trash or bagged up and then thrown into the trash. In the 21st century, where robotic devices handle more and more human necessities, it is not surprising that some of human’s ancient thinking is necessarily overwritten. The average robomower possesses a decided inability to gather up and drag around all the greenery it hews. It has, as a result, been determined that mown grass is in fact good for the remaining lawn. And what organism doesn’t thrive covered in its own chopped-up remains?

One reason for the proposed benefit lies in the moisture of the chopped-up grass. Scooped up, its inherent juiciness is forsaken, but left to lie, it can nourish its beheaded brethren with its mulchy goodness. There are numerous bots up for the mowing challenge. The big-wheeled Lawnbott LB75DX will tackle lawns of up to 12,000-square feet and operates for 90 minutes before fleeing back to its charger. The Honda Miimo 300 is designed for smaller, more even lawns of up to 2,200-square meters and can run for 90 minutes on a charge. The Wolf-garten Robo Scooter 600 has smaller ambitions, still able to contend with 600-meter lawns with an hour run-time.

The Wolf-garten Robo Scooter 1800 is the bigger, badder version of the 600. An easy to use LCD facilitates its operation, and perimeter wires limit the scope of its mowing duties. The 1800 increases the 600’s work time of 60 minutes to 60 to 90 minutes, offering 30 minutes of wiggle room. Using durable steel blades that can be adjusted to the desired length, the Robo Scooter 1800 mulches the cuttings, which then act as a carpet of moisture for whatever grass remains standing. After tending to its lawn duties, it finds its way back to its charging base along the perimeter wires to rejuvenate.

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Grass is cut into very small clippings that are buried in the roots of the lawn, where they decompose and act like a natural fertilizer.

Tom's Guide

The Wolf-Garten robotic lawn mower operates automatically, so you can use your time for more important things.

Tom's Guide

The new Wolf-Garten robotic lawn mowers are remarkable all-rounders capable of handling even spacious terrain all by themselves

Tom's Guide

Wolf-Garten is the ideal sidekick for larger lawns up to 1,800 square meters.

Tom's Guide

The new Wolf-Garten robotic lawn mowers are remarkable all-rounders capable of handling even spacious terrain all by themselves.

Tom's Guide