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AutoFeeder Specifications

13" x 13" x 21"
the autofeeder weighs 3.7 pounds


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Editorial Review

Pet ownership has been around ever since people and animals understood how to enjoy the benefits of each other's company. Nor is the concept unique to humans -- for instance, baboons have been observed taking homeless, though not orphaned, canine pups and "raising" them for guard doggery. No doubt other baboons find this behavior odd and they likely mock their fellows who go to pains to provide food for other species. Weirdos. A little higher up the evolutionary double-helix, pet-friendly humans have figured out how to have machines provide food for the other species with whom they co-habitate. Examples include the tech-heavy Petreat PetPal WiFi, the daily refillable PetSafe Pet Pod, and the weekly refillable Trixie TX6, all of which are made for cats and dogs. Or, if you prefer, dogs and cats.

But what of our untethered, feathered friends? Wild birds are opportunistic feeders, so it is curious that Wingscapes carries an automatic bird feeder for creatures that have no restrictions on their space or movement. The AutoFeeder then provides those restrictions by offering measured portions instead of limitless bounty. The 3-button, programmable timer ensures that the AutoFeeder stays filled longer and the local fliers stay thinner. The AutoFeeder allows the human to determine how much seed to dole out, and when. Portions are controlled with 1- to 10-second bursts. After a while, birds visit during the pre-programmed times, which can be up to 4 times a day. The AutoFeeder is made of metal and thick plastic with vents and drains to keep the seed fresh and dry.

The AutoFeeder holds 1 gallon of yummy bird seed. 4 fresh AA batteries -- not included -- should power it for at least a year. As far as other critters go, users point out that while the AutoFeeder may be squirrel resistant, it's not squirrel proof. Clearly, if birds can figure out feeding schedules with their copious free-time, then squirrels can as well. It could be argued that an automatic bird feeder removes the spontaneity of wild nature visits, but then again, any product that encourages appreciation for our flying buddies is alright.

Wingscapes AutoFeeder | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This is the neatest addition to my garden. Already have one that has worked flawlessly for two years now.

Tom's Guide

The birds love it and so do we. The birds know when the feed is scheduled to drop and they come around at those times. It is worth the money if you are a bird lover.

Tom's Guide

It is very well made and worth the money.

Tom's Guide