Wercan Mostfun Pro

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Mostfun Pro Specifications

13" x 13" x 15"
the mostfun pro weighs 19 pounds


has wifi
has usb
Upc n
633252  111370
build volume
7.9" x 7.1" x 6.3"

Editorial Review

The immense industrial prowess of the great nation of China has made for a glut of producers, distributors, and wholesalers, with some of them selling the exact same products with different brands slapped on them. Wercan is primarily a wholesaler/retailer selling a wide range of some of the more successful Chinese brands, including Tiertime, Geeetech, and Flashforge. The mostfun brand seems to be Wercan's effort at launching their own line of printers, and so far they offer two models: this, the mostfun Pro, and the mostfun Sail, a second iteration of which was aimed to be completed in summer 2018. Raising over $200,000 in a 2015 Kickstarter campaign, the mostfun Pro is the slightly more expensive option, a polished machine that drew surprisingly little coverage from English-language press outlets in the industry.

Encased in a sleek aluminum exterior, the Pro presents as well as its website does (the website, incidentally, being more well-designed, clearly written, and plain attractive than most of those made by mostfun's peers). The light weight makes transport easier than many bulky printers, though the construction is still sturdy enough to prevent overmuch rattling. The maximum print resolution of 50 microns is respectable, and the Pro's print failure resolution system is top notch, what with the pause and resume feature, emergency backup in case of power outage, and apparent ability to overcome ill-calibrated build plates. Review site Aniwaa claims their mostfun Pro maintained original precision level for over a full month while printing over ten hours a day, data which seems to substantiate mostfun's claim that the Pro is "plug and play."

Wercan Mostfun Pro | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Can go up to 0.06mm resolution, and it looks pretty smooth. The service team is also very helpful.

Tom's Guide

Print quality is good. But as soon as one component stops working $1,500 down the drain. Don't buy this as an entry level machine, you'll be left hanging...

Tom's Guide