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Is there any substance on earth more versatile than water? It slakes our thirst and helps to carry nutrients to the trillion cells that make up our bodies. It also cleans those bodies, washing off dirt and bacteria that might otherwise take up permanent residence on our epidermal layers. And it washes dishes, laundry and floors too.

When it comes to our teeth, water is an essential part of preventing tooth decay. A toothbrush would be worthless without the water that allows it to glide smoothly over our dental enamel. Oral irrigators, those clever devices invented back in the 1960s by Waterpik, couldn't even exist without water. High-pressure jets of water are what oral irrigators are all about.

Even a quick glance at the toothcare department of your local store or favorite online retailer will show you that there's no lack of oral irrigators on the market, from the Philips Sonicare Airfloss Pro to the H2ofloss Hf-8 Premium to the above-mentioned Waterpik. To that number, add another: the Wellness HealthPro FC-10.

Can the HealthPro FC-10 do anything that those other models can't? Not really. It does allow you to set it for three different speeds of water pulses, so if your gums are sensitive and don't like the higher settings, you can dial it back to something you find more comfortable. It's designed to have a smaller footprint on the bathroom counter, so that it won't get into a turf war with the electric toothbrush, the hair dryer and the box of facial tissue hidden inside the waterproof designer case. Other than those features, though, your preference for the FC-10 will probably come down to how its price compares to its competitors.

Wellness HealthPro FC-10 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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This one is self contained and easy to use. I use a squeeze bottle to fill with water. So far (several months) excellent product.

Tom's Guide

Very good Product. Filler hole is a little small but not a big problem. Shoots out strong stream to clean between teeth.

Tom's Guide

It is very difficult and frustrating to fill with water as the hole is way too small that I have to use a funnel to fill it.

Tom's Guide

Everything was good except that I personally felt the water reservoir was little too small that I fill it up twice for each use.

Tom's Guide