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Wellspring Specifications

3.5" x 3.5" x 9"
the wellspring weighs 1.2 pounds


Editorial Review

The Welledia Wellspring is an air freshener, aromatherapy aid, a humidifier and a multi-colored night light, all in one. You can mask the smell of the burnt bacon, relax your cares away to the aromatic wondrousness of essential oils extracted from plants found around the world, keep your skin from turning flaky and dry while easing respiratory problems, and create a soothing LED ambiance in your bedroom with one device. That's a pretty good deal for a unit that sells new at a reasonable price.

Let's look at those features one at a time: The Wellspring uses aromatic oils for its aromatherapy function. Although you can purchase these separately, a selection of them comes with the device: lavender, sweet orange, peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree, and eucalyptus. There's something in there for just about anybody's nosebuds, and whether you believe that aromatherapy is actually therapeutic (there's no scientific evidence that it cures any ills), it's certainly pleasant and relaxing to smell, say, eucalyptus spreading across the room.

The aromatic oil diffusion requires water in order to work, which is why the Wellspring also serves as a humidifier. Moisture spreads through the air along with the aroma, which soothes sinuses even as it pleases the rest of the nose and causes allergens to drop out of the air like soaking wet mosquitoes. And if you live in a dry or cold climate, it will also help prevent your chin from chafing and, in extremely dry conditions, your knuckles from bleeding.

Finally, the LED light cycles gently through colors, turning a dark room into either a psychedelic experience or a romantic love nest, depending on what mood you're in and who you're with. Not bad for one fairly inexpensive gadget that's compact enough to slip into your suitcase. For a similar humidifying aromatherapy device with mood lighting functions, look at the SpaRoom AromaMist. And for a somewhat different approach to aromatherapy that uses a nebulizer rather than a humidifier to spread floral and fruity odors into the air, look at the Smiley Daisy Gardenia.

Welledia Wellspring | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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This diffuser only reaches your nose only if you are sitting literally next to it.

Tom's Guide

Amazing humidifier and aroma diffuser. It keeps the air moist so my nose doesn't dry out.

Tom's Guide