Waterpik Sensonic SR-3000

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Sensonic SR-3000 Specifications

1.2" x 1.2" x 9.6"
the sensonic sr-3000 weighs 0.4 pounds


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Editorial Review

Its very name suggests that the Waterpik Sensonic SR-3000 electric toothbrush contains advanced sensors that will probe the interior of your mouth and sense the optimal locations for plaque removal. It probably also comes with a smartphone app that can consult a database of dental recommendations and offer advice on your brushing technique to maximize gum health and enamel integrity.

This is not, however, the case.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. For one thing, those options would cost more (though a new SR-3000 costs less than, say, a Philips Sonicare Healthywhite or an Oral-B Pro 3000, so there's room for a price hike). As it is, the SR-3000 already has what's required in an electric toothbrush, which is to say that it's electric and it brushes -- and does it 25-percent faster than the competition, according to Sonicare's ad copy. And while the SR-3000 may not come with a smartphone app, it isn't stupid. It has a two-minute timer that lets you know every 30 seconds that you should start brushing a different part of your mouth.

Sonicare uses a lot of percentages in describing the advantages of the SR-3000. In addition to being 25-percent faster than the competition, it's 29-percent more effective at removing plaque and 26-percent more effective at improving the health of your gums. To back this up, they guarantee that you'll see "noticeable results" after 14 days (though, honestly, an electric toothbrush that can't make your gums feel better after two weeks isn't worth the cost of the electricity that runs it).

The SR-3000 comes with three brush heads -- standard, compact and interdental. Which sounds pretty good. If you actually want a brush with a smartphone app, though, check out the Kolibree Bluetooth Smart Electric Toothbrush.

Waterpik Sensonic SR-3000 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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It works great, has an easy grip handle, light-up recharge gauge, battery lasts for up to a week, brushing timer, and what got me really excited, WIRELESS CHARGING!

Tom's Guide

Helps keep tartar off and teeth white without wearing down gums the way manual toothbrushes often do.

Tom's Guide

The Waterpik Sensonic functioned well for three weeks after purchase, then completely broke down. The toothbrush is useless now.

Tom's Guide