Waterpik Cordless Advanced

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Cordless Advanced Specifications

3.8" x 2.7" x 11.7"
the cordless advanced weighs 0.7 pounds


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Editorial Review

What exactly is so advanced about the Waterpik Cordless Advanced? It's hardly the first water flosser that Waterpik, inventors of the oral irrigator, have put on the market and at first glance it looks a lot like the others, if perhaps a little sleeker and more high-tech. Maybe it's the new rapid magnetic charge system, which presumably brings its battery up to full charge faster than earlier models. Or maybe it's the compact design, that lets you cram it in your luggage without taking up the space you were planning to use for your laptop or extra sets of underwear. It could also be the extra quiet operation, so you don't get complaints from your roommate when you realize your teeth need flossing at 3 a.m. after a late-night snack of popcorn and gummi worms. Or maybe it's just the ability to rotate the tip through a full 360 degrees, which somebody somewhere must have a need to do.

The truth is, there are so many products in the oral irrigator category that it's getting harder for a product to stand out from the crowd -- and it's a crowd that Waterpik has only itself to blame for, having discovered back in the 1960s that high-speed jets of water were a better, and certainly easier, method of clearing plaque from your teeth than manual flossing. Putting the word "Advanced" in the name and tweaking the feature set a little is one way to do it, but rival companies like Philips and the delightfully named ToiletTree are breathing hard down their metaphorical neck. The Waterpik Cordless Advanced even looks a lot like the ToiletTree Poseidon Pro2000w, another model designed for compact portability.

Still, Waterpik is one of those manufacturers whose products often have the adjective "trusted" placed in front of their names, at least by advertisers, and if you're in the market for an oral irrigator that you can carry around on last-minute business trips, the Cordless Advanced is definitely worth a look.

Waterpik Cordless Advanced | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This is a very good water flosser. Not only is it rechargeable but it is portable. It is easy to use & holds enough water to floss between all the teeth.

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