Water Tech Pool Blaster Speed Jet

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Pool Blaster Speed Jet Specifications

the pool blaster speed jet weighs 27.5 pounds


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Editorial Review

If you dig a hole, something will surely fall into it. If you make it big enough and fill it with water, all kinds of stuff will find its way in there. Any pool owner can tell you this. It’s simple physics. Since the dawn of the modern swimming hole, detritus accumulation has been the nemesis of the recreational swimmer. The invention of the pool filtration system provided a natural suction inherent in its function. Harnessed, that suction has been used to effectively banish pool scum to the hopper of ignominy. But, as with any vacuum cleaner, the entire besmirched surface must be attended, and swimming pools offer areas even more difficult to reach than under the sofa.

Faced with this inconvenient truth, the autonomous pool vac was spawned. Some plug into the filter intake via a good length of flexible hose and scoot about mechanically driven, creating hose dodging as a real concern. Others like the Hayward Tigershark QC plug into an AC outlet and are dropped into the water where they make their way scrubbing and vacuuming debris into their little hoppers. These are programmed to 3-hour cleaning cycles and work all surfaces up to the water-line.

For the above ground pool comes Water Tech’s Pool Blaster Speed Jet. The Speed Jet doesn’t operate with a computer but instead through a mechanical system which is driven by water jet. The jet action propels the Speed Jet across submerged pool surfaces rapidly, reputedly cleaning up to 40-foot pools in 3 hours. No hoses or external filters with which to contend; independent of the existing filtration system, the Speed Jet’s single motor provides energy efficiency and drive. Micro-filtration picks up all the sand, silt and leaves and deposits them in an easily cleaned reusable filter bag.

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I am only slightly impressed... The robot stopped running after an hour on continuous run, but probably due to the bag being filled with debris collected.

Tom's Guide

Super vacuum... I am so impressed it cleaned my dirty above ground pool without going through my pump or filter... I wish I had this when I first set up my pool.

Tom's Guide

At first I was debating... I'm glad that I experimented and bought it because it's truly worth the money my pool is crystal! Picks up everything!

Tom's Guide