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Blue Pearl Specifications

the blue pearl weighs 23.5 pounds


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Editorial Review

Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, and “Drinking Fountain” are all popular water signs, illustrating the importance we ascribe to what accounts for 80% of our beings. We drink it to stay alive, wash with it to get cleaner, and swim in it for fun or simply to keep from drowning, which is generally more fun. Curiously, even though water is used to clean biological entities, machines and structures, it can’t clean itself, leading human thinkers to come up with alternative cleaning solutions. Filtration systems can remove particulate matter from water, but owing to its natural tendency to pool its resources, sediment and algae can prove elusive to stationary filters.

Automated pool sweepers combat filtration inefficiency through localized agitation, heavy suction and knobby scrubbers. Their ability to travel to where the filth accumulates and battle it on its own surf makes the poolbot quite popular with the in-pool crowd. The current trend sweeping the pool-cleaning intelligentsia is the plug-and-spray bot, like the Water Tech Blue Diamond, which is self-contained while tethered to an insulated power cord. For those looking for a more hands-on/hands-off approach to the task, the upgraded Water Tech Blue Diamond RC can be controlled remotely.

The other poolbot standard has the little scrubber attached to a long, flexible hose which runs through the existing filtration system, like the Maytronics Dolphin Hybrid DX2. While a trifle unwieldy with its 50-foot length of 2-inch flex hose, it is possesses mighty suck because of the power of the stationary system. As the pearl of Water Tech’s Blue line, the Blue Pearl is a hoser of some note. According to Water Tech’s even appraisal of their sweeping ambitions, their Aqua Smart guidance system will clean the largest pools with 5 times more efficiency than conventional robotic cleaners. Remarkable. Considering the largest of pools, that is quite the claim to make. Like its Blue Diamond siblings, it owes its impressive cleansing advantage to its PVA brushes. It works the bottom, clings to the sides, and will clean every surface of most pools in a couple or 3 hours.

Water Tech Blue Pearl | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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I wouldn't even give this piece of crap one star...You'll only get a few years out of it and we had issues...Do not waste your time and money...

Tom's Guide

I paid $800 for this peace of crap...We removed the unit from storage, placed it in the pool and nothing...It doesn't work! The only place I'm shipping this is to the dump!

Tom's Guide

Worth the money! It cleaned the pool better than we had ever cleaned it there was not a speck or grain of debris to be seen...No more sweating to clean the pool.

Tom's Guide

This robot cleaner does a great job at picking up debris and sand/dirt from the bottom of the pool...Climbs the walls very well and gets anything that might be on the side.

Tom's Guide