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Blue Diamond Specifications

the blue diamond weighs 23.5 pounds


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Editorial Review

Large holes in the ground create a magnetic attraction to stuff that moves on the ground. Something will be minding its own sweet business, moving blithely around, and suddenly a hole will alter that progression inextricably. If that hole is filled with water, much that might find its way into it stays there. At least until it is removed. As large holes filled with water, swimming pools form a natural attraction to dirt and leaves. Dirt will leave the ground and leaves will leave their trees just to take a dip in a local swimming pool. If pool owners know anything, they know this. It's science.

So again, human ingenuity and the tireless efforts of bots -- at least the ones without tires -- rise to the occasion by sinking into the hole. Some poolbots are presented with peculiar names which evoke images of different kinds of pools, like the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Prowler 820. Another less disturbingly named sweeper is the Maytronics Dolphin Hybrid DX2, which works with a flexible suction hose and the added plus of a bottom scrubber.

The mainstay of Water Tech’s Blue line is the Blue Diamond. Constructed of high quality parts, it is capable of cleaning large, in-ground pools in an hour or less. Like its radio-controlled sibling, the Water Tech Blue Diamond RC, the Blue Diamond offers some features of interest. It has scrubby brushes for getting all the ick on the bottom and sides of the pool. These are made of polyvinyl alcohol, making them not only chemical but algae-resistant. The Blue Diamond employs the Aqua Smart guidance system, which targets areas of particular need and is reputed to make this poolbot up to 20 times faster. To maintain good cleaning flow, the Blue Diamond also has an obstacle sensor that keeps it clear of the things which would impede it. It even has a Beach Entry detector that keeps it in the pool working and not lounging around on its Caddy Cart.

Water Tech Blue Diamond | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This product is awesome. I was hesitant due to the cost of a robotic cleaner. But now that I see how it keeps my pool sparking clean, I feel it was worth it.

Tom's Guide

Best of all of the is the Blue Diamond robotic cleaner. I had it for 7 years already and have never had one problem. I highly recommend this cleaner!

Tom's Guide

We have a large pool and the cleaner does a great job... Very easy to set up, load in pool and unload... It climbs the walls very well. Highly recommend this purchase.

Tom's Guide