Walkera Voyager 3 Gopro

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Voyager 3 Gopro Specifications

released date


the voyager 3 gopro weighs 8 pounds


maximum flight time

25 min

maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


number of rotors


operating range in feet


phone controllable
remote control included
battery life


Upc n
750810  732089

Editorial Review

Industry pressure must necessarily lead to innovation, as the competitive marketplace drives product evolution. Through the power of the Interweb, the consumer’s voice is finding even greater resonance with those who design their products. As China’s airbot masters, DJI and Walkera, continue their one-upgrades-manship battle for drone supremacy, Walkera appears to have blinked. The DJI Phantom series came equipped to mount the popular GoPro Hero to their evolving gimbal system. Walkera roped themselves into a proprietary camera package deal with the less popular iLooks systems, prompting user umbrage, and hastening modified camera packages able to accommodate the GoPro. Even the original Voyager 3 with its very high-tech iLooks camera-ball gimbal system, offered a modified version for the GoPro hungry consumer. That modification appears to have hit the factory floor.

This upgrade appears strictly photo-centric, as the rest of the Voyager’s specs remain consistent: retractable landing gear for aerodynamic flight and unobstructed 360 degree cinematography; the 3-axis stabilized gimbal system; the tough, modular design, constructed of ABS plastic and carbon fiber, with a milled aluminum frame for lightness and strength. The rotors and supports are easily detachable for transport and repair.

The 12 channel transmitter is the DEVO F12E, equipped with a 5 inch FPV monitor, which works in concert with a Smartphone or Tablet as a Flight Data Monitor. The Smartphone app, in addition to providing flight status data, also works as a remote and provides single-click features such as One-Key Take-Off, One-Key Landing and One–Key Go-Home. The Open Source APM controller allows for mission planning by using waypoints to plot the UAV's flight coordinates. Follow Me mode has joined most of these other programming attributes as standard in the upper scale drones, and with such an investment, you certainly don’t want it wandering off on its own.

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Walkera Voyager 3 is a real eye catcher, it looks aggressive and futuristic. It doesn’t only look great, it is also designed to be very strong, powerful, and resistant.

Tom's Guide

Voyager 3 has intelligent self-inspection module software that inspects power levels, control signal, GPS, the compass and the barometer to detect and prevent malfunction.

Tom's Guide