Walkera Voyager 3

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Voyager 3 Specifications

released date


the voyager 3 weighs 8 pounds


maximum flight time

25 min

video camera included
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number of rotors


operating range in feet


phone controllable
remote control included
battery life


has bluetooth
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Editorial Review

Kind of like something you would build in your garage or mad-scientist workshop, the Walkera Voyager 3 harkens a flying ED 209 of the first Robocop – fairly imposing looking. This one’s got its arms held high: black horizontal pipes supporting the quad-rotors connected to two black vertical pipes extending from the white shell body with a sturdy tripod of black carbon-fiber legs. The shell is held in place by 6 screws and can be removed for maintenance or service, considerably more accessible than the Walkera Tali H500 which is secured with 30 or more screws.

It weighs 8 lbs and has a modular design which allows for simple removal of rotor arms for travel or replacement. It has a milled aluminum frame which makes it tough and light with cast plastic supports for additional strength and durability. Though well contained, the Voyager is open enough to visually inspect most internal parts with a flashlight.

The flight controller is the Open Source APM, an advanced system that allows you to write missions with a plethora of waypoints. The GPS works in several stock modes including manual, loiter, return-to-home and Follow Me. Also, the radio controller offers additional presets such as Auto-take-off, Fly-around-object and Intelligent orientation.

The camera lives in a gimballed ball right up front which lowers about 4 inches while in-flight. The landing gear retracts allowing for unobstructed 360-degree photography. In professional applications, Walkera’s radios can be paired, providing the camera operator and drone pilot to work in accord. The offered camera is 4K and while ambitious in terms of configuration, it is insufficient for many filmic needs. Bowing to the demand of the new image standard, Walkera also offers a gimbal suited to use with GoPro, which will no doubt please some users as well the folks at GoPro.

Walkera Voyager 3 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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I have been flying a couple batteries through the Voyager 3 already. Its a great quad, potent motors and easy flying behavior in general.

Tom's Guide

Quality control and attention to detail still in my opinion plagues Walkera.

Tom's Guide