Walkera Scout X4

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Scout X4 Specifications

released date


the scout x4 weighs 3.9 pounds


maximum flight time

25 min

number of rotors


operating range in feet


phone controllable
remote control included
has bluetooth
Upc n
873067  006236

Editorial Review

Walkera's Scout X4 drone is not for the squeamish whether it comes to price, or controllability. Its packaging offers nearly anything a rotor-head might want right out of the box including; the drone itself, a 3-axis Radio Transmitter (RTF) equipped with "iLook" video recording/monitoring; an internally programmed mapping system; built-in real-time telemetry managed via smartphone or tablet, an intrinsic return-to-home capability, 25 minutes worth of battery life; and the innovative ability to increase gross payload by altering its basic engine packaging of 4 power-units, by doubling that count to 8 on-demand.

That said, however, "operating" the unit, and "flying" the unit, are different animals; since the complex, gimbaled, controller can produce a mitt-full of trouble for more inexperienced pilots. This means that there's a fair chance you're going to prang the unit several times before you actually log enough flight time to completely understand how to "fly" the beast efficiently. However, once you've put in enough toggle-time, and spent enough money in replacement components (props, motors, landing struts, or other suddenly departed bits that used to be part of the unit), the quad ultimately operates exactly as advertised.

The X4 showcases a number of sophisticated aerial capabilities such as its internal mapping system, but it's is really built with professional video or photography projects in mind. This is where the size and heft of the unit applies, since those characteristics help the X4 create pro-photo stability even when it’s being buffeted by moderate winds.

So, at the end of the day, if you're serious about drone flying, and even more serious about aerial photography and more, the X4 should make you very happy.

Walkera Scout X4 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Serious quad and everything as advertised. Feature rich controls...landing skids seem to be brittle so go easy on the landings.

Tom's Guide

Feels great in the sky after getting use to the controls, takes time to get use to the gimbal controls. I do enjoy this drone.

Tom's Guide

It has a unique waypoint mapping technology. This allows you to designate a route for the quadcopter by simply tapping the destinations on your smartphone or tablet.

Tom's Guide