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Signature 16-Piece Specifications

16.8" x 10.5" x 22.5"
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the signature 16-piece weighs 40 pounds


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Editorial Review

The Volta Signature 16-Piece is a spectacular-looking automatic watch winder that can maintain an amazing 16 watches simultaneously and display them in a case illuminated by a white LED light that shows off its leather padded interior with a soft glow. Unless you're a fanatic watch collector and want your collection of timepieces to be the first thing that visitors notice when they walk into your living room -- honestly, this is going to draw eyes away from the widescreen TV and the original Renoir hanging next to it -- it's likely to be most useful as a display case in a jewelry store. Customers could ogle more than a dozen watches at a time, then politely ask the proprietor to open it up and show them the one they want to buy, marveling that it was still keeping the correct time and date.

With a high-gloss carbon finish on the outside and a black leather interior, this would probably make a good display case even if it didn't keep the watches wound, but it does -- at 650, 900, 1350, or 1800 turns of the stem per minute, clockwise, counterclockwise or both. It can also rotate the watches right on the cuff, so that self-winding watches will be fooled into thinking they're on an actual wrist. Watching this case in action must be a hypnotic experience, but if you're looking to sell them, that's what you want -- customers in a buying trance, not noticing that they're shelling out a five-figure amount for that handsome, rotating Rolex. The Japanese Mabuchi motors in the winders are silent, so that they won't break the trance.

The Signature runs on 110 or 240 volt power with no battery backup, so be sure you've got the case connected to an uninterruptible power supply. Nobody wants to have to set twelve watches in a row back to the correct time. If you're not sure you need a winder for quite this many watches, you should check out some of the less ambitious automatic winders on the market, like the Wolf Roadster 459256 (six watches), the Heiden Prestige Quad (four watches), or the Wolf Meridian Triple 453728 (three watches).

Volta Signature 16-Piece | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Expensive? It all depends on the value of your watch collection. The case is well made, great looks, easy to program and works excellent without noises. Just what I expected.

Tom's Guide

I do love this winder because it has built in LED lights . The motors are very quiet... Also, each individual winder can be independently programmed to any directions...

Tom's Guide

Had an issue with my product at delivery but received excellent communication regarding my concern and it was taken care of completely. Very nice watch winder!

Tom's Guide

Broken when I got it. This is the last time I buy this product. Looks great from the outside, the inside looks like flea market parts. Lesson learned.

Tom's Guide

Not expensive compare to other companies, works good, finished perfectly, lighting is fine too. Good deal for its $$$$!

Tom's Guide