Viking Mi 632 C

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Mi 632 C Specifications

Dim 1
the mi 632 c weighs 28.7 pounds


phone controllable
battery life



Editorial Review

Viking's iMow line and their various competitor brethren are the sort of innovative convenience that seems bred for the express purpose of creating inter-generational conflict. Lawn mowing has long been the iconic refuge of embittered suburban dads, or so the cultural trope goes. Taking care of the patch of grass you've worked unnecessarily hard to own is a mark of manhood in certain American circles. Concerns of old timers decrying the loss of everything this nation has held sacred due to changing times aside, a robo-mower can be a sound and economical way to reduce the workload in keeping up with owning land with grass on it.

The Viking MI 632 C is just like the MI 632 sans C, except for one important upgrade. The 632 C model comes equipped with the ability to be controlled and monitored via Viking's iMow app. Using the app, homeowners can start and stop their Viking, define an area for it to give extra attention, or set it on a new course. It also notifies you whenever the MI 632 C gets stuck or needs a knife replacement. If a miscreant happens to attempt to purloin your mowing buddy, a GPS tracker will help you and whatever authorities you manage to conscript into your cause find the suspect and retrieve your robo-mower. Practical, easy to use, and now remotely operable, the MI 632 C is an excellent purchase for the forward thinking homeowner seeking a reduction in daily burdens.

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The mower can be operated by using smart phone or tablet conveniently by using iMow robotic mower app.

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Other operating systems and older versions are not currently supported. Your smartphone requires an active data connection for you to use the app and you cant use it offline.

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With the help of a personal PIN code that can be set in the robotic mower, if ever it will be stolen it will be pointless.

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Viking has the new app with many useful features provided: You received status and error messages and allows the establishment of a guest account , about the own dealer .

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