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RP-100A Specifications

0.8" x 1.8" x 7.1"
the rp-100a weighs 0.5 pounds


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712395  718667

Editorial Review

Like the I Do 3D Art Pen, the Victorstar RP-100A is designed for kids over 8 years old. However, rather than using glue-based ink, it extrudes plastic filament, melted by a built-in heating element at temperatures between 160 and 250 degrees. The pen can be used to create free-standing drawings or to trace objects onto flat surfaces. Ease of use and an affordable price make this a good introductory 3D pen, despite the requisite concerns as to heating elements and young flesh.

3D pens provide the means for artists, hobbyists, craftsmen, and children to rapidly complete small projects at extremely low cost, especially in comparison to 3D printers. As with their tabletop precursors, 3D pens have a steep learning curve; their use demands patience and tenacity, not to mention acclimation to the odor of melting plastic. The need for a steady hand goes without saying. Some — such as the I Do 3D Art Pen — are marketed strictly as toys for tots and produce items of only marginal integrity. Others, like the Future Make Polyes Q1, are more sophisticated, designed for more seasoned craftspersons. Already, 3D pens such as the 3DSimo Mini redefine the limits of the medium by incorporating additional useful functions. While they haven’t yet made the transition to prototyping, that looms as a future potential.

The Victorstar’s lightweight, compact design reduces fatigue for prolonged use and makes maintenance a snap. Extrusion speed control and pen-tip temperature can be adjusted with one hand.  Operating on 12 volts, the Victorstar has an Intelligent standby mode and is purported to run very quietly. Included in the kit are 3 filaments of 3 meters long, in 3 random colors, plus a 12-volt power adapter. Suggested use involves starting with the nib pressed to paper and then lifting it in the air, as the pen keeps drawing. Given that such a procedure was pure fantasy just a few years ago, it’s easy enough to imagine your next great creative work — or that of your 8-year-old — starting at the tip of a 3D printing pen.

Victorstar RP-100A | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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My 11 year old son loves his pen. We have had it for 6 months. My son plays with it everyday.

Tom's Guide

Victorstar 3D is who I chose to get my 3d pen from and I am so glad I did. They supply 3D pen ABS filaments combo at very reliable prices.

Tom's Guide