VGo Communications Robotic

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Robotic Specifications

15" x 15" x 48"
the robotic weighs 10 pounds


maximum speed


video camera included
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battery life


self charging
has wifi

Editorial Review

With the expanding preponderance of robotic solutions to the dilemmas of futuristic living, it is nice to see more of them look like robots in the traditional sense. Robo-vacs, automatic pool sweepers and autonomous robo-mowers, to name the most popular, are effective to varying degrees at their respective functions but they just don’t carry the gravitas of Robbie or the Terminator. Of course, there are military and applied-science robots which replicate anthropomorphic and even animalistic movements that are terrifying to behold, but most consumers aren’t ready to have those stomping around the home or business unnerving the locals.

In telepresence devices come bots with faces – human faces. And not any human faces, but familiar ones, like the boss’s for example. A worker diligently toiling away over their computer could be silently approached and monitored by a manager with the super-expensive money-saver, the iRobot Ava 500. With telepresence, encouragement or recommendation can be given remotely through the bot’s speaker system. For those without limitless budget, the stripped-down Double Robotics Telepresence Robot will still make your presence felt. And for the full, albeit cute, approach to being in 2 places at once, the little walker, the Wowwee Robome, could serve your bot needs admirably.

The VGo Communications Robotic telepresence device offers the face without the body, or at least not much of one. Its design is that of a sleek, hyper-extended loop on a chubby base with wheels, and a thin loop atop with a monitor, touchpad and camera for remote viewing. Extremely lightweight, the VGo can be controlled and operated from anyplace with internet connectivity and is compatible with Mac or PC. Rolling in at 4 ft. tall, an extender raising it to 5 ft. is available as an accessory. Owing to its thin frame and white coloration, it could be problematic in the fast-paced medical environment for which it is suggested. Capable of looking up or down as well as panning around, the VGo allows a very full range of motion. It is able to scoot about all day on its battery between charges, and with the click of the Dock button will return to its charging base to gird for the botting ahead.

VGo Communications Robotic | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The VGo Robotic system comes with a battery and charge dock, and connects through 4G.

Tom's Guide

VGo Robot allow you to have a Telepresence in numerous settings; school, doctors offices, patient's home, or while you are off-site.

Tom's Guide

The VGo also includes unique features such as a high resolution camera, which can allow doctors to see a patient's pupil reaction.

Tom's Guide

the VGo telepresence robot is an elegant looking robot with far more than simply the basic features that are common amongst telepresence robots.

Tom's Guide