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Vertical Double Specifications

6.5" x 5.5" x 10"
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Long ago, when dinosaurs ruled the earth and Lyndon Johnson was still president, if you wanted to know the exact time you had to own a shortwave radio. You turned it to a certain frequency and you would hear a rising and falling tone, the "ticking" of an atomic clock at some government installation, with the peak of each tone representing the seconds and a louder tone at the minute. Some localities also had a special number you could call for the time, usually beginning with 844 (TI-4), where the seconds beeped and a voice read the time every minute. Those shortwave stations may still exist, but it's unlikely that the phone numbers do. It's easier to get the time off the Internet -- or off any of the devices in your house that have the time on them, from microwave ovens to smartphones to that little number down in the corner of your computer screen.

But if you use a watch that needs to be wound and neglect to wind it, it's still a bit of a pain to have to set it, especially if it has the date on it as well. It's better not to let it run down in the first place. That's what automated watch winders, like the Versa Vertical Double, are for. The Vertical Double gets its name from its shape. It's a vertical tower that holds two watches, one above the other. The watches are set in recessed holders, where their stems are mechanically turned 350, 650, 850 or 1,050 times per day. They can turn clockwise, counterclockwise or alternate between the two, depending on what kind of winding the watches are designed for. The holders also rotate in a motion somewhat like that of a human wrist, so that self-winding watches can also get their daily dose of mainspring tightening.

If you'd prefer a less vertical winder for two watches, try the Modalo Safe Systems or the Heiden HD10 Double. Or you could splurge and buy a couple of single watch winders, like the Wolf Cub Single and the Orbita Sparta.

Versa Vertical Double | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

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This dual winder is much more functional... So if quality and price are your priorities, I would highly recommend this watch winder.

Tom's Guide

Either the watch winder is garbage or the charger it came with is a dud and for right now this watch winder will serve as storage for my watches.

Tom's Guide

This is best winder that I have owned so far, very quiet operation and keeps perfect time once rotation timing is set!

Tom's Guide

Plug it in, set it up, and forget about it. Quiet, you won't notice it's there. Works for Rolex and Seiko. Very practical choice!

Tom's Guide