Vecaro Trek-X

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Trek-X Specifications

27" x 9" x 9"
the trek-x weighs 27.5 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


has bluetooth
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Editorial Review

If you've been looking around at hoverboards, you'll likely immediately recognize the rugged look of an off-road model (a conclusion you may also reach if you have a passing familiarity with tires). Like the EPIKGO machines as well as the Jetson V8, the Vecaro Trek X is ready to handle rough and tough terrain, tested on "dirt, sand, gravel, grass, snow, and mud," though users are quick to add that going through deep snow or mud would be simply foolish. As with every single hoverboard this author has reviewed, the Trek X uses a Samsung lithium ion battery pack (quick side note: many drones use Samsung brand battery packs as well. Great business to be in.) The Trek X also comes with a mobile app through which users can control maximum speeds or adjust the steering sensitivity, as well as to turn on or off the built-in Bluetooth speakers.

The Vecaro Trek X, in terms of specs, is exactly the same as its aforementioned off-road counterparts, right down to the 18-degree maximum climbing angle. The only difference? A sweet cam finish that really pulls the whole off-road theme together nicely.

The hoverboard is not the most aptly named of the current day consumer technology trends, as it disappointingly lacks any real ability to hover (though if you search "Franky Zapata" you can quickly quell any dissatisfaction over the aforementioned naming discrepancy). Despite this, the exploding battery controversies, and the mocking and chiding sometimes directed towards those riding these new-age Segways, the modern hoverboard has emerged as a fun, safe, and even sometimes practical vehicle, ideal for wheeling around college campuses, cramped cities, and other close quarters.

Vecaro Trek-X | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Crazy cool board! I saw the video on how this board went on all surfaces, even the beach! So i had to get one and try it out. I didn't expect it to be so heavy duty...

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