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Glide Specifications

26" x 10" x 10.2"
the glide weighs 27 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


has bluetooth
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Editorial Review

At least Vecaro doesn't refer to the Glide self-balancing scooter as a hoverboard, that most misleading of nicknames for a clever but hardly science-fictional sidewalk skimmer. The Glide has the same basic features as other self-balancing scooters, though Vecaro claims that it's "BETTER and faster than the others" (so much better, apparently, that the word has to be spelled in all-caps). The "BETTER" seems to refer to its top speed of 10 mph, its smooth acceleration and the easy way it takes corners. If that sounds better than the hover, er, scooter that you own, by all means take a look.

The Glide runs on a Samsung 36-volt lithium-Ion battery pack, which gives it a range of 11 miles before you'll have to hop on a bus and carry it home. The battery pack will then take two hours to come back up to full charge, assuming you've discharged it completely. (The battery has a UL2722 certification, so it won't halt and catch fire if you overcharge.) The Glide will hold weights up to 220 pounds (or 250, depending on what report you believe) , so most people in their teens shouldn't have a problem with it unless they're carrying a huge load of textbooks in their backpacks, but out-of-shape adults (or ones in really good, hyper-muscular shape) might risk snapping the board in two or crushing the high-tech machinery.

There's no Bluetooth connectivity on board this board, so if you want to monitor its vitals using your smartphone you'll have to move up to Vecaro's higher-end Glide-X. The vanilla Glide has precisely one review on Amazon and apparently none elsewhere, but that one user glows over it and attributes "hours of enjoyment to it." That's hardly a statistically valid sample, but it suggests that the scooter works as advertised. If you'd rather glide off into the wide world of competing boards, you could hover over to the Razor Hovertrax 2.0, the Swagtron T1 or, for something a bit different, the Airwheel X8, a self--balancing unicycle.

Vecaro Glide | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Hours of enjoyment! I bought as a family gift for Christmas, and my spouse enjoyed more. Easy to learn and use. Inside or outside use.

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