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ES16 Specifications

Dim xl
the es16 weighs 75 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


battery life


Upc n
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Editorial Review

For those into emissions-free local travel who find the bicycle too high off the ground and the skateboard too likely to end them up on the ground, the electric push scooter holds accelerating appeal. Like skateboarding with bicycle handlebars, or bicycling while standing upright, the electric push scooter offers a little of both worlds to the discriminating consumer. Originally the ride of kids, the electrified scooter has found favor with the young commuter and is actively promoted as a good last mile alternative from transportation hubs to final destinations.

Most of them are fairly pedestrian affairs, hauling their riders about at a decent but manageable clip, like the Razor E325. The Trikke Pon-e 48v is an adult tricycle on which the rider stands with their feet apart over the back wheels, controlling the speed with a twist throttle. And for those for whom standing ambulation is still too demanding, scooters like the Uberscoot ES16 have quick-release seats to let riders take a load off.

The Uberscoot ES16 is a fairly rugged-looking contender with front cam-link and rear dual-shock suspension, enhancing the body’s aesthetic appeal. The Uberscoot ES16 frame is made of high tensile steel for maximum strength over rough terrain and under tough customers. The frame folds for ease in transporting or storing, though at 75 lbs. it’s probably better to have it carry you around than you carry it. With a speed of up to 28 mph, depending on the grade and the weight of the rider, the chain drive is strong enough to haul 265 lbs. The ES16 has front and rear disc brakes with 10-inch inflatable pneumatic tires, and comes in black, blue, red, green, orange and more. It offers 10 miles of range with 45 minutes of drive time off the 1000-watt/36-volt battery. It takes 6 to 8 hours to recharge, and comes with one of those instruction manuals that makes a point about not overcharging the battery because hot, exploding acid containers can diminish one’s ardor for a product.

Uberscoot ES16 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This scooter is very strong and engineered to last. I was surprised how heavy gauge the steel was on the product... I would highly recommend this unit for young or old.

Tom's Guide

This is an excellent scooter... We upgraded to this scooter and had no problems. The battery has a long charge and goes fast.

Tom's Guide

This little thing is powerful! I bought it to use around my condo complex to pick up mail and take out the trash. Those things are far enough to not want to walk...

Tom's Guide

This thing is fast. I use it to drive from my parking area to the job site. And wow that's all I can say. I had a razor e250 and this blows it away...

Tom's Guide