U-tec Ultraloq UL3

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Ultraloq UL3 Specifications

7" x 6.3" x 3.5"
released date


the ultraloq ul3 weighs 6 pounds


phone controllable
has bluetooth

Editorial Review

The Ultraloq UL3 from U-Tec is the security-minded addendum to the modern "smart home." Entering a field populated by the not dissimilar Real Living YRL220 and the cleverly built Push-Pull Mortise from Samsung, the UL3 Bluetooth-enabled fingerprint and touchscreen smart lever lock allows you to never worry about losing your key, ever again.

Like most other smart locks out there today, the UL3 is well-designed and easy to operate. Fingerprint identification allows for the quickest and easiest entry possible, with the PIN pad available as a backup or to give to house sitters and the like. In the event of the battery dying, the hidden backup key prevents you from being foolishly locked out of your own home, the victim of your own desire for heightened security. It's easy to install, and can accommodate up to 95 users -- making it ideal for front doors of apartment buildings, say, or the family of Daad Mohammed Al Balushi.

Smart locks are among the most sensible elements born of the "Internet of things" and "smart home" concepts. We can never be safe enough, and everyone agrees that keys are annoying and cumbersome -- so what's not to love about the UL3?

U-tec Ultraloq UL3 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The app isn't super intuitive, but it's ok.

Tom's Guide

Ultraloq UL3 BT is world’s first bluetooth enabled fingerprint and touchscreen smart lever lock. You’re in, with or without using your phone.

Tom's Guide

This is an incredible door lock. Well built, looks great, easy to install and program.

Tom's Guide

The fingerprint reader is easy to use. Registering new fingerprints is a breeze. It has made my life easier.

Tom's Guide

This lock also will be great if you are renting the house or just for your new guests while you aren’t at home.

Tom's Guide