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Titan 4 Specifications

Dim xl
the titan 4 weighs 158.7 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


battery life


Upc n
720825  585413

Editorial Review

Tzora Active Systems is an Israeli firm that specializes in mobility aids and exercising devices for mobility-impaired people. The majority of its sales are to Europe and the United States, which may make companies like Pride and Shoprider nervous. One of their lines specializes in three-wheel and four-wheel electrical scooters such as their Tzora Elite, an extremely light, collapsible three-wheeler.

One of the many benefits of Tzora's scooters is the lack of pins, wires or latches normally used for collapsing and assembly. A good example is the Titan 4, an extremely rugged looking, 4-wheeled, high performance scooter that breaks down into two rather large and heavy parts -- the front and rear separate and the fully adjustable tiller can be folded down. The battery pack -- two 26 A/h SLAs -- is located above the back wheels. Because the Titan 4 is an all-terrain scooter, the wheels are appropriately beefy. Smooth riding is further achieved by full suspension and high torque. The seat is made with Memory Foam and is 18 inches wide, and like the Elite, has a 4-point seat structure to help stabilize on inclines.

The Titan 4 definitely has some zip to it with speeds up to 6.8 mph. This is not a light scooter -- it weighs close to 160 pounds. However, it has a carrying capacity of 300 pounds and clears the ground at 3.9 inches. Its battery range is up to 15.5 miles. Safety features include a quick-flip speed switch, a halogen head light, a status indicator, hazard lights, a high frequency horn, a speed adjustment dial, and keyed ignition. Unlike the Pride Elite Traveller Plus 4, the Titan 4 comes almost ready to ride, right out of the box. In terms of toughness and ease of use, this scooter runs circles around many.

Tzora Titan 4 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It is amazing and it ride beautiful. Just what I need to get out and enjoy the outdoor again with my wife.

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Strong, well built and goes just about anywhere... All in all I am very pleased with the scooter and would recommend it to anyone looking for new scooter...

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Had fun and had no problems on hills & enjoyed outdoors.

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This scooter is amazing... The scooter is well made, very sturdy, runs excellent and is easy to use. It goes over uneven ground and curbs well in slow speed...

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