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the elite weighs 64 pounds


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Editorial Review

An electric mobility scooter is an alternative to a powered wheelchair, and is configured like a motor scooter. A version was first introduced by Sears in the 1950s as an electric wheelchair, but it was not commercially successful. The difference between powered wheelchairs and electric scooters for the user may be aesthetic, as the scooter does not look like a wheelchair. In addition, electric scooters are easier on the wallet.

Behold the Easy Travel Elite Folding Electric Mobility Scooter from Tzora. This scooter has three wheels, which in many cases is a disadvantage as four-wheelers tend to have a larger turning radius. Also, three-wheelers have issues with tipping sideways, but Tzora's scooter features a "front" easy mover wheel to help prevent this. The wheels are non-skid and apparently never go flat. The Tzora Elite has an In-Wheel-Motor design, which means the motor is inside the front wheel. This is a truly unique design that saves space, making steering easier and the scooter lighter. The Tzora Elite possesses something called a four-point seat structure. Most scooters have a center seat post for the seat to be attached, which tend to make them wobbly on inclines; the four-point design gives 45% more stability on inclines.

The highest praise for Tzora's scooter derives from its portability and lightness. It lacks connectors, latches and other mechanisms, so folding and collapsing it is a relative snap. At 64 pounds, it can be folded onto itself or broken down into three parts: the heaviest part, the rear frame, weighs about 27 pounds. This scooter is light enough to lift and fit into the trunk of a automobile, or to take on a train or plane. Weight capacity is 250 pounds with a top speed of about 3.7 mph. The SLA battery is rechargeable and the battery pack detaches from the front of the scooter. The battery range is 5--8 miles depending on the amperes. Users report high satisfaction with the battery life, and there may even be a lithium ion option in the future. So far, there are five colors to choose from.

Tzora Elite | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I can't tell you how much I love this little scooter... I can lift each piece myself, so I am completely independent with it and I absolutely love the battery life...

Tom's Guide

I haven't used this much except to ride it in the house, but as far as its ability to be broken done into parts, it's perfect for me.

Tom's Guide

Great scooter! Had it for 2 years now and had no problems with it.

Tom's Guide