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Editorial Review

The Trixie TX6 is a programmable 6-day pet feeder like the Andrew James 6 Day Pet Feeder and the Koolatron Lentek 6-Day. Although all three feeders can be used for wet food, only the Koolatron provides ice packs to keep wet food fresh — at least until the ice melts. And unlike the Andrew James feeder, which resembles a floorvac and has a built-in microphone for recording reassurances to be played in your absence, the TX6 looks more like a CD player and offers no means of reassuring pets from afar.

Humans are perhaps unique in our relation to other animals. While some species are known to adopt or kidnap other species as pets, humans are the only ones that build structures to keep their pets from roaming. This would suggest, at least in houses not infested with vermin, that such domesticated species are unable to hunt — which means that our housepets would face starvation if left to their own devices. If you think they are happy to see you when you return, think of how happy you are to see your waiter.

In the event that you’re unable or unwilling to fulfill your housepets’ feeding needs personally, automatic pet feeders offer the peace of mind that can only come from knowing that an inanimate object will do so for you. For over 40 years, German company Trixie has been supplying pet products all over the world, and many pets owe their full bellies to items such as the TX6.

The TX6 can be programmed for up to 3 daily feedings in portions of roughly 8 ounces each, and meal size can be set individually. Manual feeding is an option, and the unit comes with 3 preset meal times — 6am, 12 noon, and 6pm. The TX6 has a sturdy, locking lid with an additional cover to protect the control panel and prevent settings from "accidentally" being changed by clever pets. This unit has a display as well as a signal tone for when the battery level is low. The feed bowl is dishwasher safe, and the entire plastic body is easily cleaned. The TX6 is for indoor use only, and requires 4 C-cell batteries, which are not included.

Trixie TX6 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

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Programming is relatively simple. Easy to clean. Has battery indicator. No useless functions (voice recording); the unit will beep briefly before the door is opened.

Tom's Guide

The cover can be locked...non-released food is well protected...shells remain open until the next feeding, so that the cat will have enough time to eat their portion.

Tom's Guide

Unnecessary beeps for key presses and an unbearable sound when the tray is running ( so very noisy too)...must reset the time if the unit is turned off .

Tom's Guide

Excellent product. Only problem: my cat opened the hatch of the 6th compartment in less than 5 minutes...Unit is a bit noisy.

Tom's Guide

Great product, we can finally leave on weekends without worrying about who is going to feed our cat. Easy to use. Very satisfied.

Tom's Guide