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Pon-e 48v Specifications

Dim xl
the pon-e 48v weighs 46 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


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Editorial Review

As the means to transport ourselves from one place to another expand, walking becomes increasingly the journey from one vehicle to the next. Or realistically, one seat to the next. To pedestrians and drivers of conventional vehicles, the many additional transporters pose a dilemma. Even with bike lanes, bicyclists ride on the sidewalks. With the pedestrians, skateboarders, scooters, roller skaters, Segways and mobility scooters. With all the wheeled-vehicles traversing them, sidewalks have become like secondary mini-roadways, which begs the question, Where does one safely use these devices?

Ideally, medical mobility scooters are used around the home where there is less traffic and skateboarding. Some of them are fairly hefty, especially with a rider aboard, like the Pride Go-Go Sport 4. Others, like the Smart Scoot Travel Lightweight, don’t account for much mass. The advantage of these riders is they don’t move very fast, 3-4 mph tops. Recreational riders such as the Top Mobility Challenger X Deluxe, which can travel at up to 18 mph, are not rated for the street and are too dangerous for the sidewalk.

For the price of a functional used car or good sized mortgage payment, the Trikke Pon-e 48v rolls into consideration. This is a sharp and fun looking electric tricycle for adults. The Pon-e is effectively 2 scooter back-ends with a solitary drive-wheel up front for directional motivation. There is no seat, so the rider stands on 2 footrests over the back wheels. The flexing footrests create a ski-like movement with their articulating attachment to the front wheel. The handlebars are short with motorcycle grips, a right hand throttle and hand brakes to control the rear disc brakes. There is an LCD display on the handlebars providing such data as speed, odometer, battery charge, etc. It is supported by a 10” front tire and 9.5” rear wheels with aluminum rims. Juiced by a high-performance 48v Panasonic rechargeable battery, it is driven by a 350W brushless free-wheel hub motor. Top speed is over 16 mph.

Trikke Pon-e 48v | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I love my Trikke 48V. It is super easy to use, rides beautifully and it is a green transportation. Excellent purchase! I love it!

Tom's Guide

I had received the unit after 4 days and since then I go out everyday to ride. I love it!

Tom's Guide