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Pon-e 36V Lite Specifications

the pon-e 36v lite weighs 41 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


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Editorial Review

The grown-up version of Trikke's trikes, the Pon-E 36v could also be construed as the, well, lite version of Trikke's bigger, more expensive trike. Available in a variety of colors, the lite Trikke model arrives at over a $1,000 discount (circa 2/2017) when compared with its more high-powered brethren, with only minor trade-offs made across the board to make this discount possible.

Like all Trikke trikes, the Pon-E 36v is an easy machine to operate — simply get on, start it up, and "carve" around, whether to work, home or nowhere in particular. The clever design of the Trikke line of products allows you to propel the machine forward using solely this carving motion, providing what can be an excellent workout (particularly for your core). Powered transport comes in two options: "econo", which maximizes distance by governing speed, and "express", which allows the 13 mile per hour top speed to be reached (at the cost of maximum range). The 36 volt battery powers a 180 watt brushless motor, the exact components responsible for the slight dip in range and speed seen from the 48 volt, 350 watt-motor version to this one — though the team at Trikke deserves commendation for how minimal the performance drop-off really is. The additional areas the lite version pares back on are all aesthetic, losing the aerodynamic look of the "full" version in favor of a bare-bones approach. The lite version still does include the water bottle holder, though — further demonstrating Trikke's commitment to delivering a more cost-effective trike while not skimping a bit on functionality.

The Trikke Pon-E series is some of the more experimental options to emerge in this age of personalized electric vehicles. If you, or the recipient of a very generous gift from you, is thinking about making the switch to green, personalized travel (and can't afford a shiny new Tesla), it may be worthwhile to check out electric bikes as well.

Trikke Pon-e 36V Lite | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Love the butt-carving motion. Forget the Colt and get the lithium battery models. I want to marry this fitness equipment.

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