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Freedom Specifications

Dim xl
the freedom weighs 43 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


Upc n
858588  002714

Editorial Review

The Trikke Freedom is sort of a cross between a tricycle, a hoverboard and a Segway. It's got handlebars, but no seat, so you can stand as you rocket around the neighborhood at speeds up to 15 miles per hour. It will hold riders up to 200 pounds in weight, so it isn't just for kids. It has a 15 mile range, so you could even use it for short commutes or hops to the store, assuming you don't have anything heavy to carry back with you. You'll probably get interesting glances from pedestrians, because it doesn't look quite like anything else on the market. Skateboarders may sneer at you for using something that balances so easily, but you can sneer back because you're less likely to wind up flat on your back when you take a sharp curve.

The manufacturer touts this as a revolutionary new technology, one that lets you steer with your feet while keeping your balance on the handlebars and do wheelies and fancy loops in your driveway or even on grass. You probably wouldn't want to put this in a half pipe, but for sheer fun and a little bit of exercise it's a clever way to get around, and it can take shallow slopes alongside the road if you want to pretend it's a skateboard. You can carry an extra battery pack to switch out the old one when it runs out of juice and -- here's the great part -- when you're tired of riding it or want to pack it back in your car, it folds up into a carryable, lightweight package that you can sling under your arm and tote with you.

It's hard to find anything else on the market to compare with this, but if you're just interested in some electric scooter action, you could take a look at the Razor E125, the Dynacraft Hello Kitty 24V or the Super Cycles and Scooters Elite Turbo 1200W. Or for something really different, get a Shoprider Flagship, which is more like a one-person car.

Trikke Freedom | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It has worked great, as expected. No problems with the bike. Sometimes the top speed seems a little low, about 13 mph, but it does the job.

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