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T4B Greaser Specifications

Dim xl
the t4b greaser weighs 63 pounds


maximum speed


Editorial Review

The so-called "Cafe Racer" motorcycle look evokes very specific imagery, that of European youth culture of the 1960's and 70's. The Toys 4 Boys Greaser ebike calls back to this look strongly, bringing that particular infusion of cultured rebellion that young British cafe hoppers of old so perfectly cultivated in their time. Those cafe hoppers took considerable influence from American greasers, making the name quite apt, if a bit on the nose. In world where so many ebikes look essentially just like regular bicycles with some extra parts, it is both refreshing and exciting to see companies make more adventurous design choices, as Toys 4 Boys has done here with the Greaser.

Though modeled after motorcycles that were built for speed, the Greaser is only of average speed itself by electric bike standards. The 35-40 mile range is also typical of ebikes of this price range, and while this price range is fairly high in absolute terms, it looks a lot more affordable when considering the e-bike as a car replacement. Toys 4 Boys also provides a wide range of color combinations is available to select from, including blue and black, red and white, teal and white, and several more. The Greaser's design also provides more than just a cool look—the larger motorcycle headlight is one of the brightest on any ebike out there, the thick Kenda tires handle most off-road terrain with relative ease, and the "engine compartment" both rounds out the motorcycle-esque look and provides decent protection for all that expensive hardware.

In the modern era, assigning gender to a brand is a bit of a risky move; though a look at Toys 4 Boys' products quickly reveals the classically masculine roots, their offerings do include some apparel explicitly designed for the fairer sex. Branding aside, Toys 4 Boys vast array of vehicular products range from everything from this to boats and trailers, as well as all of the replacement and repair products you'll need to keep your Greaser or quad running smooth all by yourself.

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It's quite comfortable. It handles great and is smooth on take off. The twist handle throttle, and disc brakes are very responsive. I love this bike!

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