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Washlet G400 Specifications

28.6" x 15.4" x 26.9"
released date


the washlet g400 weighs 102 pounds


remote control included
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Editorial Review

When you see the name "washlet" on a robotic toilet, you can be sure of two things. It's manufactured by Toto Ltd. of Japan, inventor of the robotic toilet seat concept, and it will be high quality. Toto, as the world's largest manufacturer of toilets, has a reputation to uphold. Also, it will be expensive.

Despite the "washlet" name, the G400 is a complete toilet with a washlet seat. The toilet is the real Toto deal, with an ionized ceramic glaze and pre-misting feature inside the bowl to keep particles from sticking. It has Toto's superpowered Tornado flush system to get maximum flushing action out of a minimal amount of water, so you'll conserve water while still getting a flush powerful enough to push whatever you dump in it from your body down into the plumbing on a single try. The washlet seat has warm water cleansing and a built-in warm water dryer to take care of you while the toilet takes care of what you've done with it. The seat has auto open and auto close features, along with an auto-flush on the toilet itself, so you won't necessarily need to touch anything aside from the control panel, which can be used to turn on the front and back wash streams and will also flush the toilet at the touch of a button in case you don't want to wait for the auto-flushing feature to kick in.

The main complaint seen from users is that the washlet seat looks like cheap plastic compared to the beautiful ceramic toilet it sits on. That's probably because this is one of Toto's standard washlet seats integrated with one of their standard toilets, which makes the two halves of the unit compatible in terms of capability but not necessarily in terms of appearance. If you like the way your existing toilet looks and want to integrate one of Toto's washlets with it while spending a lot less money, look at the Toto S300E seat.

Or go with Toto's competitors and get the high-end Duravit SensoWash Starck shower seat. Or get the Inax Satis if you want a complete and stylish looking toilet with the same functions.

Toto Washlet G400 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Pros: Very comfortable, cleans well, very good looking. Cons: No light, some noise when lid opens. I am very pleased. I would recommend this product to a friend.

Tom's Guide

Works well. Only downside is the cheap plastic lid. Doesn't match the rest of the porcelain. Great product!

Tom's Guide